The Amazon Pepper Company is located in the Colombian Cauca Valley. Bathed in the sun and by the warm clear waters of several of the Andes Rivers bordering our Amazon Jungles, the rich Colombian soil produces a wide range of peppers such as Amazon, Cayenne, Jalapenos, Habaneros, Scotch Bonnet and Jolokias that we grow year around and which our Group has been cultivating (initially industrially) in large quantities for the world market since 1974.

Using two generations of experience and knowledge of the unique qualities of capsicum, the Amazon Pepper brand was born in early 1994.

Year after year, people continue to praise our Amazon Pepper Sauces as having no equal. Specifically, our Green Amazon Pepper Sauce was the inspiration for Randy Wayne White, an editor of Readers Digest Magazine and best-selling novelist (the “Doc Ford” series) who wrote about the product: "Recently, traveling through Colombia, I came across a local concoction that I believe was the best hot sauce I have ever tried. It was a pungent green, quiet hot but not too hot. It had the fragrance of rich vinegar and crushed pepper blooms. It was simple. It was pure. Its name was AJI AMAZON”.