Giorgio Araujo (who was preceded in his family by a previous generation of pepper growers) created an interest in the hot-sauces business by growing and developing a wide variety of delicious peppers. The most important event occurred quite by accident in early 1994 when different varieties of frutescent Capsicum—some from the wild—were unintentionally cross-pollinated, which in turn led to the introduction on the world market of our famous Amazon Pepper (first cousin of the Peri Peri/Bird’s Eye, Malagueta, Green Leaf and Tabasco peppers).
The variety that resulted was about to be thrown away when it arrived at our Pepper House, since it did not look anything like what had been previously sold commercially. However, it was not very difficult or take too long to realize (only weeks before the Albuquerque Fiery Food Show where it made its successful debut) that we had on our hands one of the most delicious, aromatic pepper pods with the right heat intensity that the market could offer. And if you agree with us, this is also one of the most important events that has ever occurred in the world pepper industry!

Thanks to our unique aging/curing and manufacturing processes, our Amazon peppers and sauces retain their natural aroma, freshness and color, giving customers the impression of just-harvested peppers. Indeed, our products have become staples in traditional Colombian sauces.

So we proudly present to you our wide range of hot sauces made from our Amazon peppers, carefully grown in the Andes Cauca Valley at the edge of the Amazon Jungle and combined with other delicious tropical ingredients.

Not only do peppers add that essential spark to all kind of foods in their traditional role as a seasoning; they are also famously known as aphrodisiacs as well as a medicinal and digestive food. The bright and intense colors of the wild macaws are some of the characteristics that remind us of the virgin forests of the South American Indians. This fantastic spice, named "ACHU" by the Incas and "CHILLI" by the Aztecs, has traditionally been referred to as "the fruit of passion and eroticism".

The genera Capsicum species, to which all peppers belong, originated in an extensive area that includes the Amazon River Basin. Not only will you find the greatest concentration of wild pepper species in this region, but it is uniquely here where representatives of all domestic species grow—including the raw material of our sauces: the Amazon Pepper. Taste the magic!