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I brought home from Kuwait a 3.3 bottle of what I assume is the green pepper sauce. It is in arabic but it is good. How do I go about ordering the same type and possibly your Habanero sauce. I do a lot of catering and cooking for people who like hot food. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Also, is it cheaper by the case? Hope to hear from you soon!.

Don Chadwick

I discovered your products several years ago and ordered them for a couple of years. Then you discontinued online non-commercial ordering. I am extremely that you are available again. I took a chance and searded the internat again and found you are agnin taking orders. I have NEVER tasted red peppers as superb as yours. Keep them coming. Thanks.

Richard Bushur
Overland Park, KS

Soy un fanático de sus ajíes. Ustedes tiempo atrás me dieron la dirección de venta de sus productos en Santiago de Chile, pero la extravíe motivo por el cual necesito me puedan ayudar para abastecerme nuevamente de sus productos.
Aprovecho comentarles que hace unos días atrás re-leí un artículo de la revista Selecciones del año 1998 donde un catador de ajíes hace mención a sus productos; sin saberlo supe la historia hoy y comparto plenamente los dichos de este reportaje (muy buenas salsas de ajíes).

Francisco Anabalón

I love that green suace. I bet all the others are just as good but it's just that I've never tried them and can't believe the grass could be any greener than it is on that sauce.

Kevin Scanlon
Seattle, WA

Gift Message: Hi Rich, I think you will like this on burgers. Jerry Comments: Hi Giorgio, the Chipotle sauce is SO GOOD on grilled meats!.

Jerry Gangl
Thornton, CO

We tried your sauce while on vacation in Florida and can't wait to get our own!.

Richard L. Henderson
Fishers, IN

I am a big fan of Randy Wayne White. I've read all the Doc Ford books to date (can't wait for Hunter's Moon). Doc Ford introduced me to your products :) I visited Sanibel Island because I could smell the air and the bay, and feel the sun's heat when I read the books. Of course, I had to visit Doc Ford's Sanibel Rum Bar and Grille, where I first tasted Tomlinson's Columbian Gold. I brought home a bottle but it didn't last long at my house.

Because of your gracious email acknowledging my order for the Amazon sauce, I wanted to write and thank you for the wonderful service. Beginning with the ease of finding you online, and your email, plus Beth's great packaging and lightening fast shipping... I was as delighted with the service as I am with the product. Of course, I love the Mango Sauce that brought me back for more, but I also tried the Hot Green Sauce this time. Wow! These are really "sit up and take notice" sauces. I will try the rest of them with my next order (and it looks like I might be ordering some for friends).

Thanks again to all of you.
What a pleasure!

Sandy Cowan

I tasted your mango sauce. It is fantastic! Is there any place I can purchase it in the Los Angeles/Orange County area? (I'm not an on-line shopper)



Apreciado Doctor Giorgio Araújo:
Recibí con mucha complacencia las botellitas de ají "100% Great Colombian Peppers" que he degustado en varias oportunidades con comida típica colombiana. Los felicito por crear empresa en el exterior y espero que Amazon Pepper siga su expansión alrededor del mundo.

Quedo muy agradecido y reciba un cordial saludo. Un abrazo.

Andrés Pastrana
Embajador de Colombia

On a recent cruise thru the Panama Canal I purchased a bottle of your Hot
Sauce in a supermarket. As a life long user of TABASCO I thought this may be
a pale imitation. What a surprise!! it is mindblowing hot. Where can I get
more?, is it available in the UK? Please advise!

Mr. Bernie Bird
United Kingdom

Love the mango sauce! you make the best. Thanks again for offering such a quality product!

Pete Bianchi
Lithia, FL

Where can I find the green Amazon Pepper sauce in the Denver, CO metro area? It's the best!

Andrew J. Simpson
Boulder, CO

Hola, Soy francés y vivo en el suroeste de Francia, desde hace un buen tiempo, soy aficionado al ají desde hace ya varios años, y de retorno de Perú son ya 4 meses, compro uno de sus productos "salsa habanero" que me encantó.

¿Pueden Uds. indicarme dónde (Central de Compras) puedo comprar acá en Francia sus productos? De manera a conocer el almacén donde podré ir a comprar sus productos.

Con mis más expresivas gracias

Bernard GÉRARD


I am writing from the Washington D.C. area, and I would like to say how much I like your "Very Hot" habanero sauce. I stumbled into it recently and was unsure whether or not to try it since I've had hot sauces from all over the world, and am very difficult to please. I'm glad I did, however, because I quickly found that your sauce tastes much better than others (such as Tabasco, Crystal and Texas Pete) which consist primarily of peppers and vinegar. Not only is it great tasting, but it has a very respectable heat level, too. (I have had used sauces in the past which are way off the heat scale.)

Chantilly VA

This absolutely the best hot sauce I have ever tasted!!

I want to order some of your habanero sauce… what is the price for a case and how many bottles come in a case? Is there a price break for ordering a case vs. just ordering a couple bottles. How much is the shipping charge?

Brian J. Sorochty

Is there any way that i can order some of your sauce i love it.


Estimados productores de Amazon:
Soy un fiel comprador y consumidor "casi adicto" a su producto Triple Peppers in Vinegar; el cual es parte de mi dieta diaria.
Quiero manifestarles mis más elocuentes felicitaciones por su producto es insuperable, la presentación, el diseño del envase actual es muy lindo, nada que decir de su maravilloso y exquisito contenido.
De la manera más respetuosa me atrevo a realizar una sugerencia, respecto a que este envase debería tener una tapita dispensadora; toda vez, que en las ocasiones cuando se pasa a la mesa la botella, al momento de servirse se desperdicia parte del ají regándose sobre el resto de los alimentos, haciendo que otros potenciales consumidores se retracten de llegar a comprar por un detalle tan simple.

Reciban un cordial saludo,

Dario Bautista Cabanillas


Recientemente adquirí en Carulla un ají de Amazon Pepper y quedé sorprendido de la calidad. Pero la sorpresa fue mayor cuando descubrí que es producto colombiano. Realmente hacía falta en nuestro mercado un ají como el de ustedes. Por eso deseo felicitarlos.


Rodrigo Borrero

We were just on a cruise through the Panama Canal in November, but prior to sailing we spent a couple of days in San Diego. There we ate at Buster's Beach House in Seaport Village and enjoyed your hot sauces for the first time. Do you know where we might find your products here in the Seattle, Washington area?.

Norm Bailey

Phantom Works E&IT Strategic Development

Pues el ají rojo es lo mejor y decente que he probado siendo adicto a la capsicina , pues sabe MUY bien y le da sabor a todas las comidas que como y fabrico, ¿sacarán algo más duro despues??, porque mi duro paladar dice que ustedes son los maestros del Ají!!.

Hugo Alberto Ramirez Lozano
Bogota D.C. - Colombia

Mom and Dad had gone on a well deserved vacation, and came back with the Amazon Four Sauce Kit as a gift. WONDERFUL!!!! I've just used the hot n' sweet mango sauce to liven up some simple recipes, and this is some EXCELLENT stuff!!! I am very picky with what I use in my food, and I would recommed antone to use this, and other amazon sauces -- I cant even begin to say enough about them!!!!.

Kris White

Hola, somos unos chicos cubanos que nunca antes habiamos probado vuestro producto, solo conociamos el llamado tabasco, pero desde que degustamos el Amazon Pepper, estamos fascinados, nos gusta muchisimo creemos que es lo mejor en cuanto a sabor y presentacion de salsas picantes, ademas de que cuentan con una variedad, para todos los gustos.
Les damos las gracias por hacer de nuestras comidas algo muy especial. Ahora siempre nos acompana en nuestra mesa. Les dimos de probar tambien a nuestros amigos y ellos tambien quedaron encantados.
Muchas felicidades por un producto tan bueno y de tal alta calidad, la verdad se lo agradecemos.

Lara y René
La Habana - Cuba

¡Hola, Amigos Calientes!
My name is Gene Bogart, and I am a TV personality and musician living in South Florida (USA). It is through great good fortune that I, my lovely wife Helen, and our friend Todd Vittum, have all become personal friends with noted author Mr. Randy Wayne White. During several of our jaunts together, Randy has extolled the virtues of Amazona hot sauce... but suspiciously, he never seems to have the sample bottle he promises us on hand, always saying he "has just run out". (To further our suspicion, Randy also seems to always have a glow of pleasure and deep satisfaction upon his face...).

Just recently, Todd and Helen and I were in Rock Harbor in the Florida Keys, enjoying a dockside pig roast at the Mandalay Marina. When the delicious steaming pork was served, we asked for some hot sauce -- and we were brought a bottle of "Doc Ford's Green Flash"! It was all that we hoped it would be, and more... the perfect accompaniment to a perfect meal.

Thanks, Randy; you were right!
¡Muchas gracias, y Viva Amazona!

Gene Bogart
Boca Raton, FL - USA

I just ordered another few bottles of your wonderful hot sauce, and am writing to thank you once again for providing such a wonderfully flavorful and satisfying condiment. I'd also like to share with you my favorite recipe using your hot sauces: Have ready a few small wedges of lime. Shake a few drops (or dashes!!) of Amazon hot sauce into a liqueur glass or a small shot glass. Top off the glass with good-quality tequila (añejo, reposado, etc.). (Avoid the cheap stuff as it will ruin the hot sauce!!) Drink the hot-sauce-flavored tequila and bite the lime wedge in close succession so that the lime juice "chases" the tequila down the hatch. Ajúa!!! Repeat until the required attitude adjustment is achieved.

Un saludo muy cariñoso a todos!

Mark Frankel
Oakland - USA

Every time I visit Colombia I have to bring the best hot sauce in the world home. Are your products available anywhere in Canada?

Toronto - Canada

Hola, Soy francés y vivo en Bogotá, Colombia, desde hace un buen tiempo, soy aficionado al ají desde hace ya varios años, he viajado a México para traer salsa picante pero hace unos días fui al supermercado llamado COLSUBSIDIO de la Av. 7 con 125 y quedé impresionado al ver ese producto con ese nombre, lo primero que pensé fue, mmmm debe ser algo nuevo.
Bueno pero al entrar a la site de Uds. y al probar el producto pues..., me quedo con el de ustedes, es delicioso, ahhh y eso que tengo una cuñada mexicana que vino a visitarme y le puse en la mesa la salda roja de Uds, pues imagínense los comentarios de ella, quedó impresionada, pues se llevo 10 botellitas de salsa picante roja y 15 de las verdes.

Bueno, pues veo que tienen varios productos mas aquí en Bogotá solo he visto esos 2 (salsa roja y verde picante), me gustaría saber dónde puedo encontrar los demás productos aquí en Bogotá.

Gracias por darnos un producto de excelente calidad

Edouard Maufras
Bogota D.C. - Colombia

I would like to know where I could purchase the green product. I live in
Glendale Ca.

This is SO IS GREAT!! Thank you!!

Glendale Ca.

Quiero por medio de la presente, felicitarlos por sus excelentes productos como la salsa verde picante, roja, el aji habanero, el verde en vinagre, etc.

Pues son de una calidad incomparable y estoy seguro que de los mejores del mercado, además es un orgullo saber que algo asi es Colombiano, pues no saben la alegria que da poder hablar con un mexicano, y que este diga "uy esta muy cuero" buenisime eh.

Ademas quisiera saber que otros productos son de vuestra compañia.

Realmente Felicitaciones y a seguir adelante por nuestro país.

Carlos H Rueda Escamilla
Bogota D.C. - Colombia

We teach Randy Wayne White's novels in a couple of our classes, and that is where I first heard of Amazona hot sauce. I like Mr. White's novels very much, but I like the hot sauce he seems to endorse more. Amazona is now being sold in the U.S. under the label of Sanibel Biological Supply. I consider myself a very knowledgeable collector of pepper sauce, but the Doc Ford Green Flash is the very best I've ever tried. Addictive. Please tell me, is the sauce the same as your Amazona Verde? Either way, they are wonderful,


Bill W.

Encuentro que sus productos son de verdad buenos, buenos se queda corto, me complace conocer este producto, recuerdo aquello de que "por sus obras les conocereis" y viendo lo que hacen se sabe quienes son ustedes, FELICITACIONES.

Ah! la tapa es el triple pepper, ese si que es supermegahiperbacano.... !!!!!!

Hernando Tovar
Cartagena - Colombia

I am interested in buying your green pepper sauce, it is my absolute favorite in the world! (I first tried it when I was traveling in Colombia in 1997. My question is this: Do you add a shipping charge to the order or is shipping free?? If there is an additional charge, I will order it over the phone from Hot Licks.
Please let me know. Thank you,

Aaron Auerbach

Dear Senor Giorgio,
I was in Cartagena briefly on Jan.15 on a cruiseship tour. During a visit to the Naval Museum I noticed a display of attractively packaged pepper sauces (and attractively packaged ladies selling them). I purchased the sample pack and wad so impressed with the taste of them all that I ordered a sample for my brother who is a real aficionado (?) of peppers and sauces.

Ted McIntire

Señor Araujo, Thank you for your personal note, you have won two very loyal customers with your outstanding and unique sauces. I received a gift pack of your hot sauces from my wife's parents who had just gone on a cruise through the Panama Canal. On their trip, they stopped in Bogota, Colombia and purchased your hot sauces for me. I am from New Orleans, Louisiana and enjoy hot sauces of all kinds. However, your Mango Hot 'N Sweet sauce was truley unique. My wife is putting it on everything. Thank you again,

Jay & Rachel Doane
New Orleans, LA

Hola, I tried the sauce for the first time about 3 years ago. I purchased it at a hot sauce shop in Lewiston, ID. Immediately after I tasted this special sauce on my favorite food, pizza, I knew that I had to always have plenty on hand. I have a nice sauce collection of a few hundred different types of pepper sauce. This mango sauce is absolutely the best of all. I just wish it was sold in gallon jars!!! Keep up the good

Robert Vermey
Elk City, ID

Simplemente lo mejor. Tanto sus productos, como el gran diseño de página, ambos muy excelentes y atractivos.

Luis Miguel Visbal
Cartagena - Colombia

I am looking to buy at least 1 case of your Salsa Verde Picante... your Aji Amazona fiery hot sauce... I live in California and love this sauce... how can I obtain this sauce?...

Your help is greatly appreciated...


Amazon crushed pizza pepper.
I purchased a jar during my recent visit to Cartagena and love it. Is it available in USA or through mail? Thank You!

Mendham, NJ.

Soy un hincha de AMAZONAS!. Los felicito por sus productos, los que utilizo desde que salieron los ajís rojo y verde. Ahora el Pizza Crushed Red Pepper y los habaneros (que antes tenía que comprarlos importados). Envíenme la lista de productos de ustedes. Son absolutamente EXCELENTES!

Rafael Castro

Desde hace mucho tiempo que soy muy aficionado al ají, pero desde que encontré en el supermercado Exito de Envigado en Medellín un frasco de ají verde y otro de ají rojo y los compré sólo por la curiosidad que me generó su nombre de Amazonas, me enamoré de su producto a tal punto que no volví a usar ni a comprar ningún otro tipo de ají o de marca, distinta a la de ustedes.

Hace aproximadamente 2 semanas, estaba buscando ingredientes para prepararme un encurtido de aliños picantes y me sorprendí al encontrar un bellísimo estuche como para regalo, con sus productos, incluido uno nuevo llamado Salsa Habanero que me pareció ESPECTACULAR, Tanto que compré dos frascos y los mantengo en cada uno de los restaurantes de la fábrica.

Desde que leí el articulo sobre el ají en la revista Selecciones y en el cual los mencionan como productores de un excelente ají, tenía muchas ganas de ponerme en contacto con ustedes y darles unas grandes felicitaciones, pero desafortunadamente no había tenido el momento justo para hacerlo.

Les reitero mi admiración por tan delicioso producto, que NO tiene NADA que envidiarle a cualquier producto extranjero, preparado con químicos y aditivos artificiales.

Les repito mis felicitaciones y les sugiero que en lo posible, procuren una mayor penetración de su producto en los mercados del interior del país, eso si sin disminuir la calidad de sus ajíes.



Medellín - Colombia

In my office I have a reputation as a "pepperhead", having grown up in Mexico and long enjoyed the wonderful world of capsicum. A friend gave me a bottle of your green sauce as a gift, and I was immediately impressed by its wonderful fresh and unusual flavor. I've just place my first order through your website; you'll be hearing from me again. Muchas gracias, y buen provecho.

Mark Frankel
Oakland, CA

I read one of Randy Wayne White's novels and thought his reference to Amazon hot sauce was fiction. Fortunately, that first novel hooked me (as his books have hooked readers all across the country, apparently) and, while re-reading about Amazon hot sauce in THE MANGROVE COAST I thought, what the heck, why not visit the local chilie pepper boutique and check it out. What a shock -- you really do exist! I bought your green and your mango sweet. Mr. White is exactly right: You make the very best hot sauce on earth. Nothing comes close. How can we help you get into the main stores? America needs you. My friends and I are going to continue reading Mr. White's novels, and eating your amazing sauce. Congratulations!

Brad Rehfuss
Davenport, IA


I am hoping to get some info as to how I can order some of your Amazon Hot n' Sweet Mango Sauce (mild). I work for a company for whom you sent a sample, and I really loved it and would love to be able to buy a case, or if you have someone local who sells it I would love to do that too.

I live in Santa Cruz, California... USA Please let me know how I can get some of this YUMMY sauce!

Rochel Lewis
Santa Cruz, CA

Three drops of your red habanero sauce made the best Bloody Mary that my friends had ever tasted. I carry the GREEN sauce in my flight kit to spice up the dull airline meals. You make a wonderful, colorful product.

Jimmy Johnson
Atlanta, GA

Jorge, You are going to love this story! Our US Congressman, Porter Goss, is chairman of the House Intelligence Committee -- a very important man. He just telephoned me and asked for two cases of our hot sauce. He said that he'd recently spoken to First Lady Laura Bush at a party, and she told him that Governor Jeff Bush had given them bottles of the green and the gold, and that they (she and the President) loved it. She asked Porter where they could get some more. At the same party was Colombia's First Lady, Mrs. Nora Pastrana, and she joined the conversation by saying she loves the sauce, too, and that a friend of her's had invested in your company. Isn't that great? So I am sending Porter two cases -- my contribution to the effort.

Best, Randy

Randy Wayne White

Hello fellow Chilie Friends.
My name is Randy Wayne White, and I am author of the Doc Ford novels published by Putnam's Inc., plus I am a senior editor at OUTSIDE MAGAZINE and a contributor to MEN'S JOURNAL MAGAZINE. Like many of you, tasting hot sauces is my hobby, plus I make my own sauces and grow my own chilies. Because I travel world-wide as a writer, I have been lucky enough to try sauces from nearly every country, yet there is no doubt in my mind that Amazona is the finest, purest sauce I have ever experienced. My favorite is firey greem though I love the sweet/sour, the firey red and habanero. I have no financial interest in this company in any way, but I am devoted to Amazona sauces because they are so exceptionally good. I buy gift boxes and give them as presents. Mostly, though, I just serve the sauces on my porch with meats and cheeses at sunset, or I (always) use the dried red pepper sprinkles on pizza and in soups. In blind tests, my friends, who are also chilie lovers, consisently choose the Amazona products as the top two or three sauces from the many dozens I serve. Try them and you will not be sorry,

Randy White

I was first introduced to Amazon by my good friend and baseball teamate Randy White. Our team won the Roy Hobbs World Series this year. My wife Donna brought the Amazon sauces along with cheese and crackers for us to enjoy. After that the team requested she bring it to every game. My personal favorite is the fiery green,but for a real treat try the kick ass habanero.

Gary 'Twig' Terwilligers
Cape Coral,Fl.

Hi, my name is Juliana Conde from Cali-Colombia. I´ve tried your crushed pizza pepper called "AMAZON". I think it is just great and I will like If you could please send me information about this product. I hope it is not a problem, what happens is that it is a wonderful product and I will appreciate if you do me this favor. thanks

Juliana Conde

A fantastic line of the best hot sauces I never tried. The Green one with seafood and the Red one with meat is a dream The Hot'n'sweet with the mango has an extraordinary taste and balance between sweet and sour.

Charles Koenig
Mulhouse, France

I would like to know where I can buy you Aji Amazona green pepper sauce in the U.S., preferably in the state of NJ. It is the finest I have ever tasted, but none of the supermarkets in this area stock it. Please provide me the name of a retailer of distributor that I may order from and the sizes available.

Mark Weeks

Green Amazon Hot Sauce: This is the absolute best hot sauce in the world. I am a hot head, I collect hot sauce bottles, I have well over a hundred, and this is the KING who reigns supreme.

Brian Davenport
Richmond, VA

I have had an opportunity to try your green and your mango sauce and can't wait to try the red - I'm sure that if itís as good as the ones I've tried I'll be placing another order soon.

Last night I was pouring the mango sauce over some fish and must have used at least 1/3 of the bottle - my wife asked if I was having fish or sauce for dinner.

Seriously you make some of the best sauces I've had and believe me when I say I've had a LOT of hot sauces - yours is fast becoming my favorite sauces and I am thrilled to have found out about your products - please keep up the good work and thank you from a hot sauce lover.

Mike Watson

I live in Rio de Janeiro and am addicted to Amazon Pepper Sauce, do I need to fly back to Colombia to get some more Amazon Pepper sauce? In fact, perhaps you need a distributor in Brazil? We distribute various products from the UK into Brazil today.

Henry Bede
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil