Legend has it that years ago in the Amazon jungle, a bird set out in search of his color. One day as he flew over the vast jungle, the sheer beauty of the lush green vegetation struck him with such power that he became distracted and lost his way. As he flew between trees and over rivers, he eventually came upon shamans who were able to summon enchanted animals by working magic with fire. The bird found himself completely immersed in a paradise without equal.

At sunrise the following day, as the bird set out over the jungle, he headed toward a fiery glow emanating from the middle of the green colors of the jungle. As the bird approached, he found a mysterious plant with fruit the intense colors of which mesmerized him and invited him to taste. A second after taking a bite, the bird felt his body becoming overtaken with a magical sensation that seemed to be transforming him somehow. He took some of the fruit with him to enjoy as he continued to fly over the jungle, and found more similar fruit with many different flavors that he tasted and collected during his journey.

The bird soon forgot about searching for his color, and found instead that every time he tasted fruit with a different flavor, his body became filled with magic and his feathers painted with brilliant reds, yellows, greens and whites.

One morning while the bird was drinking from the river, he saw his reflection in the water. To his amazement the bird realized that he was no longer the same; he had become transformed into a majestic Scarlet Macaw! He decided to take the fruits he had collected to the shamans whom he had seen previously so that they could share the magic of the fruit with everyone. The shamans turned the fruits into sauces of different colors—full of passion and intensity that gave life to everyone who tasted them. The shamans shared these sauces with the rest of the world and told everyone where the sauces came from. They called the sauces “Amazon” in homage to the Amazon jungle—the place where the magic begins.